This project consisted of two major additions to the High School/Primary School Building and extensive renovations to that and all other buildings in the district.

HA2F was responsible for the complete design of the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Systems. We also provided the infrastructure for the data and communications systems as well as coordination between the system vendors and the owner.

The two additions consisted of a new media center with seven classrooms on the second floor and a new gymnasium with seating for 1,200 spectators, locker rooms, monumental entry and two oversized art classrooms.

The gym addition features a large mechanical room located above the locker rooms. This room serves the gym, locker areas, entry, art classrooms, the existing auditorium, and the original locker rooms. To control energy costs, a heat recovery system was installed that extracts heat from the exhaust air and preheats the fresh air. This heat exchanger allowed us to expand the existing boiler room rather than construct a new boiler room for the addition. As a result there was a savings in first costs as well as operating cost.

Three exhausts fans, shown below, located in at the ceiling of the mechanical room handle 60,000 cfm of exhaust air from the various spaces.